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Our Team

  • CPQ has been the sole contract owner for Roadtek Central Qld for 13 years
  • CPQ has practically built every bridge in Central Qld from small outback bridges, large mining bridges to carry fully load dump trucks to the largest bridges in Qld we have done it all
  • CPQ has also poured most rail and road concrete structure throughout Central Queensland – the right licences and knowledge to work around these high risk areas we have done many thousands of kms of road and rail
  • CPQ has the equipment and staff available to tackle the largest jobs – be it bridges, Dams, long line pumping, rail
  • CPQ has completed all the biggest infrastructure projects in Central Queensland
  • Many of our customers on these projects only use CPQ, they take us all around Queensland and interstate as their preferred supplier on large projects


  • CPQ has pumped thousands of cubic metres of 40mm dam construction concrete, specific 90mpa concrete for rail bridges that sets in 12 hours, heavy concrete, low fines and many other specific concretes other company’s can’t or won’t pump

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